Are you feeling unhappy, angry or distressed? Are you experiencing a critical life event such as retirement, bereavement, ill health, divorce or redundancy? More confusingly, do you find yourself directionless or 'stuck', but unsure why?

It is not always easy to communicate our emotions and private concerns. We may feel judged by others or a burden to those closest to us. We may believe we have no one to listen to our deepest feelings and thoughts.

In therapy, you are offered a dedicated, safe and confidential environment in which to focus on the things that matter. It is a forum in which to think and talk about you; to identify what troubles you or gets in the way of your happiness, and in which to find greater fulfilment and new ways of being.

Your therapist should be impartial and non-judgemental, and should not offer you 'cures' or make decisions on your part. Rather, s/he should encourage you to be accountable to 

About Therapy

Kate Daniels

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yourself, and to arrive at your own interpretations and solutions.

Subjects you may wish to bring to therapy could include past and present relationships; significant life events; life's meaning and purpose; and your behaviours and ways of thinking. Each session is your space and time alone, to use in any way you find useful or appropriate.

You may enter therapy at any stage of your life. Therapy should never discriminate for gender, age, race, culture, ability or sexuality. By enabling you to explore the different facets of your self and experience, therapy can help you to achieve a deep understanding of yourself and others.

Above all, therapy can reward you with far greater insight, enhancing personal growth and well-being and supporting acceptance and change.